Our Brand Story

Emerald Black is an inclusive women-owned, purpose-driven brand that encourages women to have a voice in what they choose to wear. Emerald Black blends the eclectic style of its Brooklyn roots with its commitment to sustainability.

Emerald Black was founded on the premise that sustainable apparel can be customizable, ultra-stylish, and versatile. We invite you to transform our curated collection of classic tank tops, bodysuits, bodycon dresses, and sophisticated silhouettes into enduring signature pieces of your interpretation. Add drama and flair with ruffles, fringes, and exposed zippers, or edit a neckline or placement of a slit. Create looks that transition easily from day to night or from work to play. Emerald Black compliments you and reflects your confidence because each look is designed for you, by you.

While our garments are ethically made of 95% natural fabric, we do not sacrifice fit or style. Our proprietary blend of cotton and modal (beechwood pulp) ensures elegant construction that holds its shape for years to come eliminating frequent investments in disposable fashion. Emerald Black maintains no backstock. All our pieces are made-to-order, and we minimize our carbon footprint by manufacturing in the United States.

Together we are the future of sustainable fashion.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leader in facilitating customized ethically made fashion in an industry shift towards eliminating the need for excess stock while reducing waste.