From Tank Top to Dress.
Fully Customized by You.

Go from a soft luxurious ribbed tank top to a crop top and more. Create the look you’ll love.


Create your look. Lead in style.

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Like having the greatest designer* on planet earth living in your closet.

Except, you won’t have to write hefty checks, race against fast fashion trends, or wind up with a design that is a delicacy in the mirror and a dud in daylight. Explore our collections and customize each handmade piece to your unique style and size.


Designed by You, For You

When there’s always someone in the block wearing the same thing you’re wearing, is it still reasonable to call your style your own? That’s the problem with mass-market production, standardization, and replicability. It is restrictive and dictatorial, like we are in the 1800s.

We want to unfold a fresh perspective on what having an authentic and truly personal style means for the modern woman. We’re placing autonomy back in your hands by letting you customize your clothes by the cut, conformation, and color — just the way you want it.

You make Emerald Black. Not the other way around.

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The Classics Collection

Hop into a fit that fits your lifestyle, serving a chic pairing of quiet details and a bold attitude in a women’s tank top. Pure empowerment, personified.