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From Tank Top to Dress.
Fully Customized by You.

Go from a soft, luxurious eco-friendly ribbed tank top to a versatile short-length or chic long tube dress. Create the perfect look you'll adore

If It Inspires You, You Can Create It

Personalize the Manhattan styles to reflect your unique taste.

The NYC Classics Collection

Serving a chic pairing of quiet details and a bold attitude in women’s tank top. Pure empowerment, personified.

If You Can Imagine It, You Can Create It

Personalize the NYC styles to reflect your unique taste.

The NYC Metropolis Collection

Sleek à la mode essentials designed for the modern woman. Statement tank tops that will take you to any special occasion with confidence and style.

Why Wear Something Made For Everyone Else ?

Custom Ribbed Tank image.png

Custom Ribbed Tank

Experience true individuality with our Custom Ribbed Tank. Say goodbye to awkward encounters in the same outfit!


Ever wanted to improve a garment or add your personal touch?

At Emerald Black, we believe in empowering you to transform and customize your clothing. Start by creating your core essentials using our user-friendly platform.


Choose a tank top and effortlessly turn it into a unique top or dress that perfectly suits your style. Don't settle for ordinary shopping when you can unleash your creativity and create something truly extraordinary.


Get ready to make a statement with your own custom creations!

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Did you know that 85% of fabrics end up in landfills at the end of each season? This creates less breathing room for our planet. At Emerald Black, we're changing the game.


We focus on small, purposeful batches, and craft every piece to order with a touch of customization, putting you in control of the process.


Our goal? To empower your style while minimizing waste and excess inventory. Every strand of yarn we use finds its way into the hands of our delighted customers, not landfills or oceans. Join us in making a sustainable fashion choice today.

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